Saturday, January 5, 2013

SpyGirl visits Pattern Recognition

Hello! I'm SpyGirl, Anne's avatar!
I'm visiting here in Pattern Land as an experiment for International Fake Journal Month.
What? You don't know about IFJM? Well, CLICK HERE!

This is one of my ideas for IFJM 2013: to use patterns or textiles that I have at home or at work and design an outfit for Mizz SpyGirl. That part will go in a Moleskine journal and a scan of the spread will begin the post.
Then I'll let you know how I'd digitize the original art/ motifs/ etc.

Take this medallion print, for instance. This is something I brought home from the day job to get some extra offsite hours into my paycheck. I am not very happy about needing to do this, so I'm procrastinating by writing this post. Ha.
This print I will be retracing in Illustrator. Normally, I would use lots of custom brushes for the repeating elements, like those eight white half-ovals and grey shield shapes behind them that you can see below on the left.
Trace one set, make a Custom Scatter Brush > Draw a circle > apply the Custom Brush.
But nooooooo... the client thinks this method "looks like stationary" so I'm going to hand draw things with the Pencil Tool for a cruder look (sample on right below). It's going to take HOURS. Job security, right?
Of the many ideas I have, this will be one of the easier to execute as far as getting the journaling done goes. But maybe instead I'll use pages from an 08 collage journal (or make a new collage journal?) as the print starting point. I've got until April to decide, so no hurry.

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