Thursday, January 31, 2019

Spoonflower Limited Palette Challenge

The colors we were allowed to use:
First idea, pattern from my Goth "collection" [a collection currently with only two designs]:
Pin Stripe Chevron
[Currently displayed ginormous so can see design -- maybe that's OK]
link to Spoonflower
Then I saw this on Instagram:
Which led me to this:
Primarily Leopard
link to Spoonflower
   And I thought, what if I try the limited palette on it?
Navy and Coral Leopard
link to Spoonflower
VoilĂ , my Challenge entry!

Now it's time to vote -- CLICK HERE
Spoonflower randomizes the entries, and you will have 762 to wade through!
Thanks in advance!

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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Tropical Goth


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Begat this:
Became this:
Redbubble link . Spoonflower link

 Now I'm working on a Disparate Goth collection. Will share more when I get more done.