Saturday, July 13, 2019

100 days of Procreating

I reached my 100/100th Procreate texture doodle yesterday and Tumblr marked it as X-rated:
I appealed and they quickly let it post, but geez!
This design is now officially called "Sexy Spirals"
What's next? Will I keep at it and go beyond 100? I think yes.

I also want to figure out how to marry Stephen Sidelinger's surface design syllabus with teaching Procreate and pitch it as an e-course for Otis Extension.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

#Fluevog Deee!

Fluevog link
It just so happens the Deee is very close to the colors in the Spoonflower Limited Pallette challenge:
A repeat is born:
Fluevog DEEE ltd palette

Voting is July 11-16 -- there are 830 entries to wade through. Gah!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Paper Weavings from Day Job Detritus

Before this year's A-Z, I started doing paper weavings from reject printouts of my pattern designs at the day job. (I am a surface designer for a mass-market underwear and loungewear company).
I mentioned the process in the post about the Fluevog Faith.

First weaving, January 23:
How did I solve my "hold it together" dilemma? Sticking a 4x3" mailing label on the back!

I diligently did this every morning through the first week of April,
until I started getting to work too late to be stealth about it.

This is the last batch, April 2-5:
[click on images to embiggen]
Parameters developed over the course of the project (as they tend to do for me):

  • Mix a women's panty print with a men's lounge pant print
  • Try to make the mixture as uncoordinated as possible

Here's a Camo / Blue Ditsy set from March 6-21:
I've got a lot reject camo printouts on large 11x17 printouts -- I was not having success color matching to a printed garment.
In fact, I gave up, since it became unnecessary.
I've since had to do two other colorways of the camo with even more reject printouts.
I could do a whole camo weave series at this point!
Conclusion: camo is hard to color match, especially to Pantone standard chips.
I've submitted this series to be part of the Otis 100 Projects. We'll see if anything happens.
I'm also committed to get back to weaving detritus. It's relaxing!