Friday, February 17, 2017

The Lake Plaids

I have a Facebook friend who posts photos of a lake near her home every morning.
It struck me, with a recent shot that was a snowy scene of grey bands, that it would make an interesting plaid.
The same day, I was planning to teach my Digital Surface Design class my method of creating plaids (which normally I make with solid bands of color) and I thought, "Why not add something a bit crazy at the end of the demo?"
So cool, right?

Now every morning, I'm making Lake Plaids!

Maybe I should try it with my own Good Morning shots of Mar Vista?
I think the answer is YES!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

#COTDstyle Tuesday Takeover: FUCHSIA and PAISLEY

Mercedes and Andy, of Colors of the Day [or #COTDstyle], invited me to be today's Tuesday Takeover color picker! My directive: pick two colors/patterns, or textures. WooHoo!

I decree today is FUCHSIA and PAISLEY day!
[Scrambles to find fuscia in closet. WHY did I pick Fuscia??????]
The color way that I came up with reminded me of my Pantone Tropical Preppy collection.
I decided to put my muse Cameron in a new outfit and add him to the day's festivities.
(If any gent can pull off a fuchsia paisley ensemble, it's Cameron Silver!)

COTD is a fun group, both on Instagram (deploying the #COTDstyle hashtag) and in a closed group on Facebook (COTD Style). Come join in the fun! And for you Surface Designers, a great way to get quick color/ pattern inspo!