Thursday, March 2, 2017

Astro Cats

See it on Spoonflower 

It's Astro Cats for another Spoonflower Challenge!

You need to see a closeup:
[I know, the repeat has issues... I'll fix it, later] 
Here is the design brief:
"A true geometric "trompe-l'œil," geodesic shapes appear curved but are really made up of entirely straight lines. Create an original design inspired by geodesic lines."

Voting is open, now until March 7. Go take a look!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Spoonflower Mosaic Challenge

MOSAIC of web colors
See it on Spoonflower
It's time for another Spoonflower Challenge entry, the theme this week is MOSAICS.

I've been meaning to get this art into repeat for a while. It's the same colors as my Web Color Chart

See it on Spoonflower
See it on Society6
See it on Redbubble
but more usable for printing on leggings (or whatever).
Soon I'll have some! (Maybe I'll try Redbubble this time, to compare with the Society6 ones)

the Challenge includes voting. If you feel like helping me win the popularity contest, 
There are 287 entries to wade through (and don't try to do it on your phone -- really difficult!!!!) and they're displayed at random, so no telling when my Mosaic of web colors will appear.

Voting closes 2/28, so get on over there as soon as you can!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Party Leopard

Meet "Party Leopard" my newest print-from-a-class-demo artwork:
I didn't think I'd come up with anything exotic this week, I surprised myself!

At the end of class, I took a photo of the classroom's Cintiq monitor and posted it to Instagram, as a joke.
Lo and behold, a Facebook Friend loved it and wanted yardage!
I then had the task of putting it into repeat, because it was an unplanned combination of 3 different repeats.

Here are the elements:
Leopard forms the topmost layer of lavender ground and transparent leopard motifs.
It came from this demo file:
Next are the purple dots, from this file (in class, we all created a dot 1/2 drop from scratch):
And, at the bottom layer, is a lovely print that I've been using to demo Photoshop's Offset Filter.
I call it The Tie Dye Eggs:
I found this dumpster diving at the Otis Fashion Campus in the early 00s,
when they were situated at the Cal Mart in downtown LA.

Recently, while doing a Google Image "tie dye" search, I discovered it online!
Had to "Pin" it! [Alas, the Pin link is not good. Boohoo]

So yes, the Party Leopard can [soon] be found on Spoonflower* if you want yardage.

And Redbubble* for most of the Redbubble things:
* I get a small commission from Spoonflower and Redbubble on purchased items.
Party on, Leopard People!

Did someone say Conga Line? Taking this party to Shelbee's #SpreadTheKindness and Catherine's #SaturdayShare
Catherine introduced me to Redbubble, and I'm forever grateful!