Monday, June 26, 2017

Clog Sandal -- Black Colorway

I did a black colorway of the Sandal Clog. It's slick.
Now I want the shoe itself in black.

See the full range on Redbubble (I get a commission from sales).

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

The 70s Called -- They Want Their Fluevog Clog Sandal

Scarf link on Redbubble. Per usual, I get a commission from Redbubble and Spoonflower sales. 
This one I redrew. I was unhappy with the original
Because the bodycon dress always comes with black sleeves and back, I put the image on black: 
Dress link
Shall I be lazy and buy the A-line dress?
Or shall I sew it?
Sew it, much less $$.
I even corrected the repeat so one can interlock pattern pieces.
Spoonflower link
I wish I could find my Spoonflower Color Chart test prints to check that I have the correct yellow.
Probably faster to reorder. Sigh.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Hey Punk! The Fluevog Creepex is now on Redbubble! #vog_creepex

Here's a Creepex outfit available on Redbubble:
Yes, she looks weird.
I frankensteined two images.
Tee link.
Skirt link.
[I get a commission from Redbubble sales]
I decided that a hero image of the shoe was the way to go for the tees, etc. 
Plus you can choose your own color tee, if you're getting one of the non-allover styles.

I'm working on uploading the black and white Fluevog shoe prints while I wait on my Color Chart skirt, which I will take over to the Fluevog Venice Abbot Kinney shop to perform precise color matching -- because I care!

Not sure exactly what garment I'll get in the Creepex.
I must get SOMETHING, since I actually own this shoe.
Still debating on whether to get the Giver. I am VERY tempted. Plus it would match my dress.
And yes, it's on Spoonflower too, for all you crafty types. Not yet for sale. 
But pretty funny as wallpaper, no?

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