Thursday, May 21, 2009

what's going on

I recently decided to join in on a show @ TAG that opens 6/24. That in itself is crazy. And then I got really bad bursitis in my drawing shoulder. Such pain I couldn't lift ANYTHING!

Anyhow, I was revisiting my old work from the 70s -- abstract patterny prints + collages:

(Above is a 19 x 18" detail of a 72 x 56" collage on canvas that is being used on the invite card)

I've found only about 5 of the old smaller pieces (which I'm hoping to find the rest to help, um, fill the wall space) that I'd pulled a couple of years ago... Where are the rest?? Somewhere in my art storage area, blocked by boxes of framed art that I can't move. ARGH!

So rather than dwell on the above issue, I scanned what I have and started experimenting digitally. I took this old lithograph:

and then started doing multi printing passes through the printer. This is similar to the technique that I used to use with the silkscreen as shown below:

(I'm worried that these marks look too much like the Nike swoosh - that branding wasn't pervasive when I created this in 76, but now...)

My limitation with the inkjet is that I don't have the opacity of color that I had before. So I need to plan it out a bit.
Here's 2 bits of what I did yesterday:

Well, it's a start...
Very much fun, I will say that. They need way, way, WAY more layering


  1. I like this! I like the progression. it looks like you've printed the lower section on filmy fabric. nice.

  2. thanks, terry
    it's all on paper at present, but, hmmmm


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