Sunday, June 14, 2009

the last piece to get done

I totally forgot that I was thinking of doing some pieces with acrylic transfer of laser prints. And I'm not sure what caused me to remember it yesterday or the day before... Anyhow, one perk is: don't have to rely on a service bureau for printout so can delay completion until the last minute. Another is: I can build it up in a way similar to the old collage piece "Screen". Since this last piece is a "friend" to that one, how appropriate. Yet one more perk: process will be "hands on" vs digital.

I've never done this method, so I googled "acrylic medium image transfer". These 2 links are my favorites:

Of course, I only have inkjet here, so I'm going to do some printouts @ work tomorrow. I rescanned all the "Veils" monoprints that had colors I liked yesterday on the 11 x 17 scanner in my classroom @ Otis. Data all on the iPod and ready to print (hopefully with no or minor color adjustments).

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