Monday, January 16, 2012

The 18 hour Paisley

I worked on this paisley for 3 days.
Here are some of the steps I went through to get it into repeat.
the original "art" from the client
had to reduce it to B+W first, worked in photoshop (psd)
considered completing paisley by hand drawing
got this far and nixed the notion
I can draw nicer shapes with the pen tool in ai
straightened it out using skew transformation
mirrored the elements
I then took it all into Illustrator (ai) and Live Traced
here are elements that I pulled to make custom ai brushes
here are all the brushes in ai
working out the repeat
it's all little bits of vectors from the Live Tracing
big file!
repeat done

I then exported it to psd
and brought back into ai
re-Live Traced
to make it a nice simplified flat file

adjusted colors to beige + grey
finally done

celebrated with chocolate truffles


  1. This is amazing work. Thanks for sharing all the steps you went through - so much tracing. Beautiful design! Completion was definitely worth more than just THREE truffles. :)

    1. Thanks Melanie. It did seem to take me forever. (I didn't stop at three!)


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