Monday, March 18, 2019

#AtoZchallenge 2019 FLUEVOGS! AGAIN!

I have settled into this theme, haven't I?
Third year's a charm!
This year, I got my sketching done early, through the help of a Facebook sketching group called Up for a Challenge.
My first effort was a blind contour (ie, not looking at the paper while drawing):

Day 2 had me sketching Julia with a better pen, still blind:

By day 3, I'd had it with the blind sketching and did just continuous line sketching (not lifting the pen from the paper):

For the A-Z Challenge, I'll be putting my sketches into repeats again.
The fun begins 4/1/19!

Curious about the A to Z Challenge? Read more here, on the A-Z Blog, and consider giving it a try! I’ve discovered new blogging friends and have created lots of new art through it.
My past A-Z challenges:
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