Saturday, July 23, 2016

Textile Design Lab's Summer of Creativity: Stamping

Tactic #2 to generate some new personal designs was to join in on the Textile Design Lab's [TDL] Summer of Creativity [SoC]. There are weekly lessons, projects, and videos for seven weeks.

Week One is Stamping.
I totally forgot about stamping! 
Remember this piece? Probably not, it's from 2010:
[from the "What If" series of posts]
I stamped with bubble wrap and a bottle cap, and painted on a stencil on a dot print strike-off from work.
Enough history! Get to the stamping! 

On Wednesdays, there is a TDL One Hour Challenge which this week related to the stamping lesson.
Just my cup of tea -- a little creative play date, without a heavy time commitment.
Bonus: this week it's all analog. Deploy the ink and gouache!

I opted for finding six random items to use for stamping, and spending ten minutes stamping with each.
My tools:
Dessicated Lime, Golfball, Cork, Fake Fur, Shoe, Zip Cartridge
I cleared a space on my studio table:
And used the golfball with ink (you can see it resting in the ink puddle above).
In ten minutes, I filled sixteen pages with textures! Very exhilarating!
In my second session with the golfball,  I used ultramarine gouache (which very quickly merged with the leftover ink due to gravity and general sloppiness):
My goal with the gouache was to see what kind of marks I'd get with a more "watercolory" medium.
Eighteen pages generated!
My third session with the goofball golfball was stamping with acrylic paint.
[Trying to find my acrylic paint was no walk in the park. But that's a topic for another post].
The goal was to see if the marks were different with an opaque medium.

Totally forgot how stinky acrylic paint is. Especially 30 year old puff paint. Not very opaque either.
Results, 13 pages:
Mr Lou, my studio assistant, remained unimpressed.
Thirty minutes total with one "tool", forty seven pages of textures = SO much fun!

But I don't think I'm finished yet -- now I want to try the golfball with oil paint, because THAT is truly opaque.
Will add my results if I get to it.


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