Friday, July 29, 2016

Textile Design Lab's Summer of Creativity: Editing a Texture

Came from this:
Lesson Two was a quickie editing technique for textures that ended up working out well on my 2nd try.

1) Added "Content Aware" fills by making a selection, Select > Inverse, hit Delete (choosing Content Aware)
1A) a misfire -- cropping area has too much white edge
[from here on, a reenactment] 
1B, Red shows a tighter selection, better all-over fill 
2) Cropped to an area that I liked (this art not in repeat)
Next, I'll show crops of the transformations without the step-by-step directions.
Maintaining a bit of mystery, since it's not a free course.
 Oops, reenactment doesn't match. Oh well -- glad that I saved the original!

The Textile Design Lab is a monthly membership fee-based site. Well worth it, so far!

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  1. Ah, what one can do with PhotoshopIllustrator.....I copy/paste (rinse, repeat) with Paint. Hours later......
    And this is why I have arm issues. How much would that be a year again? Versus physical therapy bills?

    1. The digital wormhole. I tell my students to remember to get up and stretch -- sitting at a computer for hours is like flying coach somewhere. Do I remember to do so? No. Then there's the time I gave myself bursitis from digitizing my closet (taking pix of all my garments). Gah!


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