Friday, August 5, 2016

#Aug2016ABC123 Spoonflower Weekly Challenge

ABCs, 123s 
Design brief: "Letters and numbers, the building blocks of our world. Let your creativity fly as you design with letters of the alphabet and/or digits to your hearts content." 
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Shall we venture backwards in time to see other design options that I came up with? 
My building blocks:
I typed A-Z and 0-9 into an Illustrator document. I then printed it out several times, and cut some of the prints into strips using a paper cutter. I took photos of my various layouts as I made them. I know I could get a cleaner final file by splitting the elements in Illustrator, but it was fun fooling around with scraps of paper and I was able to try out different things quickly.

I got the letterform splitting idea from stumbling across the work of Cecil Touchon last week 
(from WGSN? Artsy? Can't remember!)

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