Tuesday, May 9, 2017

#AtoZchallenge and #ifjm2017 -- Conclusion

Whew. One pattern, one hour, 30 days. I did it!
How often was I late for work during April? Um, we won't discuss that.
Some I'm happier with than others, and I'm not sure if I'm going to go back and "clean up" the more distorted shoes ("details mattering" and all). Maybe their crudeness is part of the charm.

I made a compilation print of four shoe styles, so I'd have something to wear for Fluevog Day.
I got myself a Tee Dress in it on Redbubble, and am very pleased with the quality.
[I get a small commission from my Redbubble sales, thanks for your support!]
I sprang for the faster shipping so that I could wear it to the Otis Scholarship Benefit Show on Saturday:

On Sunday, I posted this photo on the Fluevog Friday Facebook page and the Fluezies went nuts!
You know how "they" say find a need and fill it to market something successfully?
I think I found it!

OK, back to Concluding.
I took on the persona of Enid for this two-pronged challenge (A-Z and IFJM) to get a body of prints created. Complete success! I can already tell that my followup tasks of putting the art into proper repeats and uploading to the print on demand services will roll out more slowly. Color matching to the shoes is one hurdle. I think I'll have to go to the Abbot Kinney Fluevog with my color chart printed on a Redbubble dress or skirt. And I'll need to do the same for Spoonflower. Gah. I loathe color matching. Too much like the day job!
I will definitely do something similar next year. It's a great way to trick myself into getting new patterns created.

I want to give a shoutout to my dedicated commenters. (Blogger doesn't notify me when I get comments, so I was a bit slow in responding, sorry about that!) It was a different group from my Trucks A-Z posts, which I find interesting.

One more thing, for the A-Z admins:
I REALLY REALLY preferred this year’s daily letter comment links over the previous intimidating Linky list. People were able to give theme descriptions along with their links and I found more blogs to read and follow that way. The legacy list is too long and too uninformative and I DON’T LIKE IT.

The End. [is only the beginning]


  1. This really made me smile. That is so great that you have dresses with your designs. I love the design with your shoes and it goes so well with the tights. I have to admit that I never heard of Redbubble before. I will have to go check it out. Thanks for the link to my blog!

  2. Anne,

    Congrats on finishing the A to Z Challenge last month. I'm playing a bit of catch up. Looks like you got accomplished what you hoped. So a big hooray! See ya around the blogosphere block!

    1. Yes, great to "meet" you! Sounds like your A-Z is leading you to exciting places as well. Yay!

  3. I am so loving this dress, Anne! And this post is a featured favorite on my blog today! Woooo-hoooo! And my optician wanted me to pass this on to you...he says if you have not already visited, you should definitely check out Gogosha Optique on Sunset Boulevard. (We were admiring your fabulous eyewear!)


    1. Oops, didn't get this until now! (Never notified, not monitoring).
      Will check out Gogosha sometime. With an over $600 Rx (no insurance) it's hard to also get $$$ frames. I stockpiled the 90's Calvin Kleins that I currently wear. Severo found a cache of them on closeout at an outlet store years ago. I'm going to try Costco at some point, bringing my own frames, maybe somewhat more reasonable.


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