Saturday, May 27, 2017

The 70s Called -- They Want Their Fluevog Clog Sandal

Scarf link on Redbubble. Per usual, I get a commission from Redbubble and Spoonflower sales. 
This one I redrew. I was unhappy with the original
Because the bodycon dress always comes with black sleeves and back, I put the image on black: 
Dress link
Shall I be lazy and buy the A-line dress?
Or shall I sew it?
Sew it, much less $$.
I even corrected the repeat so one can interlock pattern pieces.
Spoonflower link
I wish I could find my Spoonflower Color Chart test prints to check that I have the correct yellow.
Probably faster to reorder. Sigh.


  1. Le sigh. I picked up and reorganized myself out of my box of Spoonflower samples and the textile sample pack I broke down and bought. I will be damned if I can find them. I know they are around here somewhere (a phrase I repeat so often I had a pal translate into latin: hic alicubi est. Which is mostly accurate.
    And if your A line pattern goes over 2 yards, Redbubble is going to be cheaper. Even with your discount. But will they match the stripes at the sides?

  2. Hic Alicubi Est -- shall we inscribe it over our studio doorways? Put it on the Welcome Mats at the front door? Make a cross stitch sampler? (I like THAT idea). Raise it as a flag? (there's a tapestry option on Redbubble and Society6). Even good for a sticker or laptop skin. (Seriously. What am I avoiding with all this...).
    In a week, I'll be at Otis for 5 full days. The Fashion Dept is empty of students and full of EMPTY TABLES (no such thing chez moi). And rolls of that 45" wide 1" square-ruled pattern drafting paper. I'm taking a shoe design class, but I MAY be sneaking over to the Fashion Department to figure this out. I DO think it'll be under 2 yards. Plus cotton sateen will be WAY nicer than whatever poly blend they're using in those dresses. Stay tuned.