Monday, August 21, 2017

I'm Enthusiast! #vog_enthusiast

I've polished up Enid's Enthusiast repeat and am happy to say you can now find lots of Redbubble stuff in the Black/Pink colorway. [I get a commission on my Redbubble product].

Here's the mug:
Here's the A-line Dress:
Here are Leggings:
Do you own another colorway of the Fluevog Enthusiast?
[Image swiped from]
I could use your color matching help!
Grab this handy color chart JPG,
Right click or Control click on image

print it out [do not try to match from your screen],
and let me know which color codes best match ALL the colors on your shoes in the comments below.
Also add a link to an IG photo, if you can.
I will be VERY grateful!

I'm not even sure how to deal with the contrast T-Strap style... maybe put that in the plaid?
Also wondering... make the shoe outline the buckle color? Keep it white? So many possibilities!
Back to the drawing board, as they say.

[Update, 40 minutes later]
You can also add a link to your #vog_enthusiast IG photo below and post the codes as your title.

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