Thursday, April 7, 2016

#AtoZchallenge F is for...

Florida's (unofficial) tartan is copyright restricted.
I took the weave pattern from this one and applied my own colors.

Here's why I chose these colors:
Light beige for the miles of sandy beaches.
Blues for the surrounding waters of the Atlantic and the Gulf.
Orange for the citrus industry.
White for the sugar industry.
Yellow for Florida's nickname: "The Sunshine State".


  1. Nice color mix for a plaid :)I remember the first plaid I bought for HomeEc to make myself a wool skirt. Ug! Wish this had been an option back in the day. A to Z blog "Katy Trail Creations"

  2. Thanks Stephanie! I thought it had a "Florida feel" to it.
    And thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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