Tuesday, April 12, 2016

#AtoZchallenge J is For...

New Jersey 
I recolored the Barclay tartan for New Jersey.

I used the "official state colors" buff and blue and added a pop of bright blue to represent the Atlantic of the Jersey Shore.

Why the Barclay tartan?
"On 23 November 1683, Charles II granted a charter for the colony of New Jersey to 24 proprietors, 12 of whom were Scots. The colony was to be split between an English settlement in West Jersey and a Scottish settlement in East Jersey. The driving force among the Scots was Robert Barclay of Urie,[5] a prominent Quaker and the first Governor of East Jersey." [source: Wikipedia]


  1. Stopping by on the A-Z Trail. Good luck with the challenge!

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    1. Thanks Ros. Two A-zs? Good luck to you too!


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