Wednesday, April 27, 2016

#AtoZchallenge W is For...

Washington, West Virginia,
Wisconsin, Wyoming  
Read about the Washington tartan here. 
William Drummond Stewart, a Scot who explored Wyoming in the 1830s, inspired my choice of the Stewart tartan for Wyoming. I recolored it in these colors: Blue, Red, and White for the state flag, Black for the rich deposits of coal and oil, Jade Green for the state gem -- jade.


  1. I have waited (as my sister has) for the Washington plaid, and the description just cracks me up. When Mt St Helens erupted in 1980, Vancouver (where the designer lived?) did get hit with some ashfall, and certainly did have a black sky or two.
    I have loved this project; I had no damn idea about state plaids, real or imagined. Thanks thanks thanks

  2. Ha! I didn't remember that part of the description -- I had to click back on it!

    I got deeply into state symbols in the early 2000s. Another avenue I was going to pursue was State Trees. (Every state has a state tree). It got too complicated -- was going to use pyrography (wood burning) on the actual wood of each tree, "drawing" the tree into the wood. Can't say that a wood burner as a drawing tool "flows". (I got one done, don't remember which state, the text part was too daunting). It smelled nice though!

    Not sure WHERE exactly I stumbled upon the whole tartan thing. This A-Z project forced me to create the tartans for the states lacking them (finally) and update my graphics. Next goal is to get them all up on the e-commerce site which is yet to be functional. #goals


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