Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Party Leopard

Meet "Party Leopard" my newest print-from-a-class-demo artwork:
I didn't think I'd come up with anything exotic this week, I surprised myself!

At the end of class, I took a photo of the classroom's Cintiq monitor and posted it to Instagram, as a joke.
Lo and behold, a Facebook Friend loved it and wanted yardage!
I then had the task of putting it into repeat, because it was an unplanned combination of 3 different repeats.

Here are the elements:
Leopard forms the topmost layer of lavender ground and transparent leopard motifs.
It came from this demo file:
Next are the purple dots, from this file (in class, we all created a dot 1/2 drop from scratch):
And, at the bottom layer, is a lovely print that I've been using to demo Photoshop's Offset Filter.
I call it The Tie Dye Eggs:
I found this dumpster diving at the Otis Fashion Campus in the early 00s,
when they were situated at the Cal Mart in downtown LA.

Recently, while doing a Google Image "tie dye" search, I discovered it online!
Had to "Pin" it! [Alas, the Pin link is not good. Boohoo]

So yes, the Party Leopard can [soon] be found on Spoonflower* if you want yardage.

And Redbubble* for most of the Redbubble things:
* I get a small commission from Spoonflower and Redbubble on purchased items.
Party on, Leopard People!

Did someone say Conga Line? Taking this party to Shelbee's #SpreadTheKindness and Catherine's #SaturdayShare
Catherine introduced me to Redbubble, and I'm forever grateful!

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