Thursday, February 23, 2017

Spoonflower Mosaic Challenge

MOSAIC of web colors
See it on Spoonflower
It's time for another Spoonflower Challenge entry, the theme this week is MOSAICS.

I've been meaning to get this art into repeat for a while. It's the same colors as my Web Color Chart

See it on Spoonflower
See it on Society6
See it on Redbubble
but more usable for printing on leggings (or whatever).
Soon I'll have some! (Maybe I'll try Redbubble this time, to compare with the Society6 ones)

the Challenge includes voting. If you feel like helping me win the popularity contest, 
There are 287 entries to wade through (and don't try to do it on your phone -- really difficult!!!!) and they're displayed at random, so no telling when my Mosaic of web colors will appear.

Voting closes 2/28, so get on over there as soon as you can!

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