Friday, February 17, 2017

The Lake Plaids

I have a Facebook friend who posts photos of a lake near her home every morning.
It struck me, with a recent shot that was a snowy scene of grey bands, that it would make an interesting plaid.
The same day, I was planning to teach my Digital Surface Design class my method of creating plaids (which normally I make with solid bands of color) and I thought, "Why not add something a bit crazy at the end of the demo?"
So cool, right?

Now every morning, I'm making Lake Plaids!

Maybe I should try it with my own Good Morning shots of Mar Vista?
I think the answer is YES!


  1. I know you have things up on Society6, but do you have work on Spoonflower? You don't have to have made swatches to show things (just to sell them). And let's say someone wanted yardage of the truck watercolors....let's say it was me....I cannot see where something couldn't be figured out.

  2. Ha! Did you suggest this to me before? I think I need a #dailytruck tunic for my art opening!!!!!!
    Now, which trucks are YOUR must includes?


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