Saturday, June 12, 2010

pencil detritus

pencil detritus
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the shavings from my green + orange pencils look so pretty. think I'll keep using colors that coordinate and add to the pile

lines and grids: p3

I enjoyed using colored pencils much more than the ink
It reminds me of a topo map.
I LIKE topo maps.. 
(note: date on page is wrong. should be 6-11)

lines and grids: p2 again

wait! it looks even better with the next page showing through:

Friday, June 11, 2010

new arthouse project: lines and grids

this is page 2. I will probably not post them in order.
(I know I want to add more to page 1)

ArtHouse is putting on this huge Sketchbook Project that is going to tour the US like a rock band. They're even going to SXSW! (note to self -- good excuse to go to Austin).
There is still time to sign up. Deadline is 10/31/10

Looks like mine will be patterny, so I'll post the pages here.

Monday, June 7, 2010

tiles from the internet

I stumbled across this Tiling Database site on Friday.

After I posted the link, Hollis, a facebook friend, asked me what I used this information for. This morning, I took one of the patterns that I swiped and turned it into a design suitable for mens lounge pants or underwear.

        original on left, my version on right

For geometric repeats like this, I almost always use Illustrator.

In trying to relocate the original print, I found another very interesting part of the site. I recommend that you "check" it out!