Monday, February 26, 2018

Maren Hassinger at Art + Practice.

Maren Hassinger has an interesting exhibition Art + Practice, and it's surface design related.
Maren Hassinger, installation view
Maren Hassinger, Whirling, Wire and wire rope, 1978
Maren Hassinger, Whirling (detail), Wire and wire rope, 1978
Maren Hassinger, The Veil Between Us (detail), Twisted and knotted New York Times newspapers, 2007/2018
Maren Hassinger, The Veil Between Us (detail), Twisted and knotted New York Times newspapers, 2007/2018
Maren Hassinger, installation made from inflated plastic shopping bags
Maren and friend in the video room with Maren and her uncle projected

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Diedrick Brackens Studio Visit

Diedrick Brackens is a fiber artist who has been selected to be part of Made in L.A. 2018 at the Hammer.
Through the auspices of Textile Arts Los Angeles, I was able to visit him at his studio in Leimert Park today.

He shared examples of experiments from a recent residency in New Orleans.
if you feed a river
jubilent . unidentified


part of a project about water
yarn is dyed with black dye and the water from different sources
Pacific Ocean on left, Lake Pontchartrain on right.

 Three of us then walked over to Maren Hassinger's opening at Art + Practice.
More about that in a later post!

If you live in Southern California, and have an interest in the fiber arts (in all its many forms!), consider getting on the email list of Textile Arts Los Angeles. Lots of interesting things transpiring with the group! 

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Friday, February 23, 2018

And the results are in...

How did I do in the Spoonflower challenge?
Did not make the top 25, alas.

The top ten:
Did any of my own votes make the cut?
Nope. Never did consider myself part of the vox populi.

The next challenge I'm entering is another "limited palette" theme called Monochrome.
This time, I'm entering a painterly abstract design, which I'll share next month at voting time.
Submissions close on March 13, for all you print designers out there.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Party Leopard, Dialed Down

Remember "Party Leopard" from last year (almost exactly)?
I created it during a class demo during my Digital Design for Textiles class at Otis.

I then took the file to work, reduced the colors, toned it WAY down, added texture with a Photoshop filter, 
and put it in some potential panty combos.
Today, I finalized the art for production. The panty six-pack will be available at Costco Japan around August/September!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Fluevog #vog_Liz New and Improved

This style comes in lots of colorways (as evidenced in this Google Image search capture:
I'll eventually get versions done.

In the original version of this, I couldn't decide, so I made a mixed plaid:
Compare this to the new version, and you'll notice the shoes are less distorted.
I traced the new version in Illustrator, using a stylus on my Wacom Cintiq.
Less character, more accurate.
For Redbubble, I made a "hero" image for some of the items:
Redbubble link [I get a commission]
And here's the Scarf with the repeat:
Redbubble link

Monday, February 12, 2018

Fluevog #vog_Fantine Print

The Fantine print needed no corrections, aside from some color adjustments. (Original post here).
Available on Redbubble items [I get a commission].
I also worked up a colorway for a Spoonflower limited color palette challenge.
The rules were to use "at least 2 of the following colors: Navy (#031838), Light Orchid (#D3A0CC) and Burgundy (#81001E) and black/white are optional".
I opted for Navy, Burgundy, and White, which turned it into patriotic goth.
If you feel like voting on my design, click here [only active 2/15-20].

Monday, February 5, 2018

Fluevog #vog_Arbus Print

Let's see if I can make Mondays my day for revisiting my Fluevog prints that I did last April and getting them uploaded onto Redbubble.

Today, I started with the Arbus, in two colorways.
Blue, like last year's:
Redbubble link [I get a commission from Redbubble sales]
Burgundy/Ochre/White on Black:
Redbubble link

Sunday, February 4, 2018

My "Year of Colour" on Instagram

Here's a fun escape for you: your Year of Color by Makelight.
It evaluates all your Instagram images from 2017 and assigns color hierarchies to them.

There are various ways the circle of colored dots are arranged:
By saturation (red drip):
By brightness (orange sun):
By "favorite" (yellow dropper -- this you can click on a dot and arrange around that)
eyedropped on bright red:
By time (green chart):
As a rainbow (cyan brush):
By popularity (blue trophy):
The sliders on the left control size of dots (left bar -- right slide = less small dots)
and intensity of colors (right bar -- right slide = brighter)

Bigger, brighter dots, sorted by popularity

Give it a try, add to Instagram with #yearofcolour