Tuesday, April 30, 2019

#AtoZchallenge Z is for Fluevog Zachary

A men's style ends our A-Z Fluevog journey:
Fluevog Zachary link
Have you enjoyed the adventure? In case you didn't notice, there is are sets for 2018 and 2017.

And if you're curious about how others worked their ABCs, here's the A-Z Challenge master list.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

#AtoZchallenge V is for Fluevog Victoria

Fluevog Victoria link
This was a special request from Century, a Facebook Fluevog Friday member.
(I seem to have been blocked from the group. Sigh.)

She saw my sketch and wanted to purchase it.
I decided to offer her a fully painted illustration:
She bought both!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

#AtoZchallenge U is not for Fluevog Ursula, it's for Ucayali

Fluevog Ursula link
Silly me, I did this one last year -- which I didn't realize until late in the day.

I put out a desperate call in many Facebook Fluevog groups and Nikki came to the rescue.
She's been working on an extensive Fluevog archive on Instagram.
Here is her entry for Ucayali:
Thanks Nikki, this one's dedicated to you!

Fluevog Ucayali link

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

#AtoZchallenge O is for Fluevog Odette

Fluevog Odette link
From Fluevog:
"Having quite the soft spot for misfits, John created The Esoteric Temptations Family to prove that even outsiders can find a common home – as Fluevogers of course!  The Odette is an homage to every misrepresented Witch of the West there ever was. Virtually commanding a double take from every angle, these outstanding mary janes feature the supplest of leather, a dramatic 3" heel to die for, a subtly bumped toe and a custom skull buckle. A perfect fit for the bold, unafraid and unapologetic, these shoes/statement-makers will have routine skeptics thinking: Dorothy who? Temptations…be vigilant, protect your sole."

Odette is part of the same family as Fantine, which I drew two years ago
I recycled Fantine's repeat elements:

Monday, April 15, 2019

#AtoZchallenge M is for Fluevog Malibran

Fluevog Malibran link (blue)
Yet another Fluevog with lots of colorways:
Since these were a special request from Aimee, who has several pairs,
Aimee in her beige Malibrans. Not beige. [from Instagram]
I chose the beige color to put into repeat:

Saturday, April 13, 2019

#AtoZchallenge L is for Fluevog Lover

Flue Lover link (black)
This is another style with many many colorways:
Images from @findyourfluevogs on Instagram
And I chose another one.
Here is my muse, Terri:

Monday, April 8, 2019

#AtoZchallenge G is for Fluevog Guide

Fluevog Guide link (current) (Turquoise)
From Fluevog:
The original inspiration behind the Guide was from when John was walking to the Fluevog Design Studio for a meeting, and was confronted by a Girl Guide selling cookies. John, feeling generous (and hungry), decided to buy many boxes of the tasty delicious cookies (the number was never confirmed) to bring back to his trusty, hard working employees. On his walk, his hunger got the best of him, and he started munching happily. First the box of chocolate mints... then the box of coconut cookies... then another box... By the time John got to the Design Studio, he realized he had eaten all of the cookies. He discarded the boxes and removed any evidence of what is now referred to as 'The Great Cookie Massacre.' Unfortunately for John, his story came out in the meeting when everyone remarked on his cookie crumb tie.

Chuckling to himself at the invaluable lesson he learned from his experience, John drew up a sexy ladies shoe that featured thick, soft leathers with pebbled surfaces, custom Fluevog buckles, a 3.5" curved heel, and a 1.5" hidden platform of recycled cork, all on a tunite sole with rubber grips. The uber-modern mary jane, Guide provides you with a firm foundation for the challenges ahead (like not eating the entire box of cookies at once without a glass of milk). Prepare for the Future, choose well today.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

#AtoZchallenge F is for Fluevog Faith

Fluevog Faith link 

Let me just say that Photoshop's Warp Tool was my friend on this one.
The sketch required extensive surgery.
I was all set to put this into repeat and then I checked the colorways.
More pop contrast in some than I realized.
Back to the "drawing board"!

I also decided that I wanted to incorporate my "woven paper" technique that I've been doing as a dailyweave series (instagram link) for the background of the repeat. Using the upper left colorway, I printed solid squares of the four colors, then did my weaving process:
I was delighted with my results.

Until I tried to get it into repeat in Photoshop:
This is the point when I gave up. I had been wrestling with it for about 25 minutes.
What a headache! Nothing was lining up!


I replicated the pattern in Illustrator, as a regular grid. Not as "lively", but MUCH easier to work with.
Good thing it's Saturday. If it were a work day, I'd be seriously late!
Sundays are an AtoZ "day off", and I'll use the time to post art to Redbubble and work up colorways for those that request them.
[I wish. In reality, I have to do my homework grading for Monday's class. Sigh.]