Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Paper Weavings and a Carnivorous Plant Toile

I've been diligently creating my detritus paper weaves every morning, whether they get posted to Instagram or not.
This latest set is a mixture of leopard, a ditsy, and strips from a print I called Tropical Goth (link)

I became fond of the bits of botanical drawings in the cut strips:
I really liked how they looked on the white ground and felt the motifs would make a great toile print, minus the palm fronds. [Below are "outtakes" from work. I was testing out the colors to get the correct balance of grays. The dark is the rectangle defining the repeat of the print].
Et voila!

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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Hopscotch Fun

I'm on week 4 of the Summer of Creativity course and this week's theme was Humor.
That's a puzzle in the lower left. Yes! Redbubble offers puzzles now!
Get the 1000 piece version and drive yourself crazy!

You may need this laughing exercise while working on that:

Spoonflower is doing a "Sports" design challenge and I'm adding the Hopscotch placement design into the contest. I think it might be a good design for bedding, which Spoonflower offers.
The scale is too small, I had to reduce it for the contest and will make it bigger after it's over.

Is hopscotch a sport or a game? 
Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

I'll update with a link when voting starts 7/30.
Voting is open until 8/4 There are 486 entries in this contest. (Yikes)
Not a winner. Boo.

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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Agapanthus Adventure

Growing out in the front yard is Agapanthus, or Nile Lily:
I used one as a brush to make textures
the setup
lots of texture experiments!

The instigation for this is my participation in the Textile Design Lab's Summer of Creativity.
Since I'm "working from home" three out of five days a week, I thought I'd take advantage of the Lab, which I've used sporadically over the years. The membership cost is not cheap ($490/year, $49/month-to-month) but a bargain if you compare it to the cost of the Otis Extension course I used to teach ($800/10 weeks).
The Summer of Creativity this year is themed on Self Care. Weekly, we get a creative exercise hosted by Rita Patel (the textures above are the result), then a design brief with inspiration pulled from WGSN.

This week's brief was to design patterns to be used on yoga mats and accessories. 
Tips on how to create mandalas were part of this as well.
My agapanthus Mandala as a placement print
I used one of the textures for the ground

It went over really well in the weekly crit.😄

As a result, the collection has made it onto print on demand products!
Socity6 Yoga Mat (and other things)
Four designs on Spoonflower (can't order until my sample strikeoffs come in)

Redbubble things (green ground):
Redbubble things (purple ground):

I got a lot of mileage out of this design!
Looking forward to this week's assignment. The theme will be Humor.

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