Thursday, June 25, 2009

I didn't "see" it until yesterday

While working on my show brochure, I noticed that the Veils pieces, if you squint your eyes and see them really, really small, are landscapes! The SAME kind of compositions that I use in my realistic work. I guess it's innate. And I never, never noticed this until yesterday.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

the last piece to get done

I totally forgot that I was thinking of doing some pieces with acrylic transfer of laser prints. And I'm not sure what caused me to remember it yesterday or the day before... Anyhow, one perk is: don't have to rely on a service bureau for printout so can delay completion until the last minute. Another is: I can build it up in a way similar to the old collage piece "Screen". Since this last piece is a "friend" to that one, how appropriate. Yet one more perk: process will be "hands on" vs digital.

I've never done this method, so I googled "acrylic medium image transfer". These 2 links are my favorites:

Of course, I only have inkjet here, so I'm going to do some printouts @ work tomorrow. I rescanned all the "Veils" monoprints that had colors I liked yesterday on the 11 x 17 scanner in my classroom @ Otis. Data all on the iPod and ready to print (hopefully with no or minor color adjustments).

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

countdown to deadline -- anything to frame must be finished and delivered today

Two prints to finish... or maybe just one... or is it two...

This newest one cries out to be a banner shape -- I'm going to keep the 19" width and have this sort of thing repeat for 72" Then it'll be friends with "Screen" (which was my intention for this one)

I won't be framing this so I only have to worry about getting it to a service bureau in time for the printing

Below is one of the old prints that I scanned to create the above digital. Trimmings and reject prints from its series were used to create Screen

"Veils #16" silkscreen monoprint, 18 x 10.5"

Saturday, June 6, 2009

another new one

This one printed out much darker and duller than how it looks on the monitor (THAT problem) so I need to tweak the image
or maybe I'll go into the print with handwork
haven't decided

It's a combo of scanned dip pen marks (both used on previous 2 prints)
I like the way it looks like handwriting but doesn't say anything

(And, perhaps this is sad, I see these marks could work well on a panty print... gotta come up with new designs for Costco US and, well... here they are... hmmm, maybe I could count an hour or so as "offsite" time and get paid haha).

done (I think)

Inked #2 13 x 19" Digital Monoprint

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


this one is a good start gone bad...

I was happily feeding this through the printer, one layer at a time, letting chance create the layered composition and then I decided it needed some new different marks...
I drew some with litho crayon, scanned, made a repeat and put it through the printer again
I forgot to specify the printer when adjusting the paper size and it printed the wrong way (plus I don't like the scale of the marks -- too big) doh!

I liked this print a lot until the last pass, and decided to replicate the process
THIS TIME I used layers in photoshop to fine tune the blending:
still not quite finished, but getting close