Friday, September 27, 2019

Chromatic Dots

This happened today:
It's (mostly) the web color chart as dots.
And I mainly did it for the socks:
I didn't intend to have different colored socks in the pair, but I kind of like it that way.

Redbubble link for everything available in this print.
Link for just the socks.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Vote! Spoonflower Cheater Quilt Challenge

A QR code and clouds. My submission for this week's Spoonflower challenge.

What site does the QR code jump to?

You'll have to aim your smart device at it to find out!

Cast your vote here! There are 550 entries!!!

The challenge, from Spoonflower:
In the hands of our imaginative designer community, this week’s 1-Yard Cheater Quilt challenge is sure to break outside of the creative box. Think beyond the traditional 6″ block cheater quilt; the 1-yard (42” x 36”) canvas is your playground for color, shapes, composition and style. Will your eye-catching quilt double as a modern wall hanging and offer a sleek aesthetic or maybe you’d like to cater to children? However unique you decide to go, keep in mind that your quilt should not be set to a centered repeat. 
Winners will be announced September 12