Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Revisiting and Revising the 2019 Fluevog Series
Fluevog Aimee

 Did I mention that this is my next project?

Most of the 2019 A-Z Fluevogs didn't make it onto the Print on Demand sites.
I am now rectifying that.

Aimee, the first of the series, comes in tons of colorways. 
I did a poll in a Fluevog Facebook group to determine which combo to do first.

Purple/ Green was the clear winner.

I changed it up for the Aimee tee shirts:
I did the same for myself in teal, back in 2019, to go with my Teal/Aqua Aimees.
The tees are super soft, the printing on tees, however, can be dodgy.
The art that I uploaded was definitely teal. It printed light blue.

The original sketches for 2019 were one-liners, meaning I didn't lift the marker from the page as I drew.
They have a more naive quality, which is one reason I chose to do the tees with a smaller scatter design. One giant Aimee graphic looked a bit scary!

Monday, June 14, 2021

Fluevog A-Z 2021 Yardage Available

  Here they are! All the 2021 repeats!

Now I'm waiting on the Spoonflower strike-offs to arrive in order to offer them for sale.

(6/21) All the prints are now available here!

I used the "Fill a Yard" function, which I think is the most economical solution for this amount of test prints. It also helped me check any scale issues, a problem in the past.

Monday, June 7, 2021

Fluevog Perfectionist in Black and WIP

All the 2021 A-Z Fluevogs have been uploaded to Redbubble, patterned items included.
Now I'm working my way getting all the repeats on Spoonflower.
Here is my "to do" grid for A-Z 2021:
if it looks like a spiral notebook, it's not yet on Spoonflower
I also have to order a strike-off swatch before yardage can be purchased

This morning, I messed around with the product mock-ups available to me on Redbubble:
black wasn't working, did not feel like recoloring all the towels, I'll try the white colorway