Saturday, July 17, 2021

Bee Dazzled

 I encountered this fabric last week at the Textile Arts LA textile swap:

It was very familiar, because of this video:

Which was part of an online collaboration I had with Kristine last year (see it here).

But not only that...
My response to her video was this:
Release, 2020 (more info on my art website)
And to create it, I knocked off the bee print!
I was considering this concept as a possible print for girl's panties, maybe with ladybugs instead of bees, but had second thoughts -- do young girls want bugs on their underwear?

Today, it went into a Scrappy Square, flying full circle, so to speak.

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Monday, July 5, 2021

Fluevog Jodie Revamp

I redrew the Jodie. She required it!

It's been a journey with Ms Jodie...
2.14.19 original sketch

5.6.20 redrawn for coloring page

And now, revamped and in repeat for all the Redbubble things:
See the original post here

Friday, July 2, 2021

Second Thoughts, Stitching the World

 Remember the Stitching the World project?

I thought I was all set with the base map digital art to get it printed.
I had waited for a good sale on Redbubble.
I wrestled with uploading the map (hit a file size road block).
It arrived in the mail.


I thought about this guy and his antimender proclivities:

the current Big Blanket Mend
It's taking forever. Thanks, Mr Lou.
and this from last year:

Oh no, I didn't think this through properly.

White background + hairy cat = bad embroidery project math!

Back to the (virtual) drawing board!

Hoping it arrives in time to work on during the Textile Arts LA materials swap on July 10.

There's plenty of time to add your voice to the project. I have no end date yet.


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