Wednesday, December 14, 2011

flashback: 5/75

My career as a surface designer started when my use of silkscreen as an art medium coincided with the Pattern and Decoration art movement. Back then, I had NO IDEA I'd be designing underwear prints 30 years later!

These are the oldest examples of my silkscreen work that I could find in the house. (There are older ones out in the garage but they're extremely buried. Until I get an intern, I can't get to them. Harhar). They are from the "1st Series" set. Hmmm, maybe they ARE the first of this patterny-type genre.

I had a very different color aesthetic then
Looking at these confirmed my idea of taking all this abstract work and turning them into repeats. I fooled around changing the colorway on the 3rd:
also rotated it
this is my current color crush: lt blue/royal/red
doesn't quite make it
looks like a flag
I'm going to stay with the original colors and make it patchworky with a grid of patterned boxes. Stay tuned!