Saturday, May 25, 2019

Smiley Safety Cones and Procreate

I've taken a breather from the Fluevogs this month.
Instead, I've been learning Procreate in an eCourse with Traci Bautista. It's been super fun.

This wacky print came out of experimenting with McGyvering a repeat in Procreate -- just to see if it was possible:
There were some issues in getting it into a real repeat, but I didn't have to totally rebuild it.

Now it's up on Spoonflower, because a friend wants to sew a raincoat with it.
I want one too!
[Not yet available for purchase, I have to go through the proofing sample phase first.]

What is helping me "stay the course" (because I'm a terrible ecourse learner) is I turned my class experiments into a "100 a Day" project on Instagram. Today I'll be creating #52/100! More than halfway done! Mostly I've been creating "background" textures -- the cones are a definite anomaly! A couple of Fluevog motifs snuck in there as well.
Here's where you'll find them all: #100_amb
Have you tried Procreate yet?

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[update 6/1/19]

Saturday, May 4, 2019

#AtoZchallenge 2019 Reflections

My third year of drawing and creating repeats of Fluevog shoes (and boots!) alphabetically went smoothly, for the most part. There always seems to be ONE shoe that gives me a hard time and this year it was Miss Jodie:

I worked on a stealth version of the repeat at the day job, but was not satisfied with the results:
The printout, with hand drawn "possible additions" has been pinned to the wall next to my computer since 4/12:
Wait, let me give you a wide shot of my workspace:
Ha! Feel better about where you blog from?
OK, enough about Jodie. 
And my messy desk.

Allow me to opine upon the A to Z Challenge.
Well, what can I say? I work well with parameters.
The A-Z helps me zero in on getting a body of work completed, or in the case here, started.
Every year, through the challenge, I discover new blogs to follow, catch up with blogging mates, and generally have a blogging good time.
This year, I added an A-Z blog roll at the footer here [see bottom of page], as well as an A-Z Pinterest Board.
I used to use Bloglovin', but haven't gone over there in eons. Maybe it's the interface.

What's next?
I hope to keep my Fluevogging momentum up and get these repeats uploaded to Redbubble, Spoonflower, etc soon. [I get a commission for sales. Thanks for your support!]

Have any favorites that you'd like me to do first? Let me know in the comments.
Here's my A-Z Fluevogs 2019 table of contents, in a randomized alphabet form.