Monday, December 9, 2019

Rearranging the World to Stitch the World

Don't mind me, I've been alphabetizing the world map:
I thought I was all done and then I remembered Antarctica.
It wasn't on the list of countries and I forgot about it. ARGH!
It's a large landmass and caused quite a disruption.

Next I'm going to create a mock patchwork effect with a variety of denim rectangles as patches framing each country. I've been scanning all the indigo denim available in the household to use for the patches.
When that's all done, I'll have the file printed on a large "wall hanging" by Redbubble to use as the base for my Stitching the World project.

I took a printout of the arrangement pre-Antarctica to the Textile Arts LA Materials Swap last Saturday to commence recruiting my Stitching Crew for StARTup LA.
Some of the answers to the 4 Questions mocked up with embroidery floss and pins.
What prompted all this rearranging?
I thought the original layout, using a standard world map, looked too much like flight paths.
I want more meandering paths:
Of course the paths will ultimately be delineated by the designated stitchers! embroidery thread.

Want in on the action?
CLICK HERE TO ANSWER THE 4 QUESTIONS (goes to the previous blog post)

Leave a comment below if 
1) you are in SoCal and would like to be part of a Sunday Stitching Crew.
We will stitching the piece for the StARTup LA Art Fair every Sunday, January 5-February 9.
Location and time TBD on west side of LA. [Either my home or at Helm's].

2) you'll be in Los Angeles over February 14th weekend and you're interested in publicly stitching during the Art Fair. Location is Hotel Kinney Venice Beach.