Wednesday, June 29, 2011

California Tartan scarf

I have become a seller on Cargoh (a curated Etsy)
While uploading some of my map prints from 2003:

I got an idea to turn the design concept into a printed scarf
Here's the scarf art:
I had to recreate the tartan - I'd done the original repeat on what was then called U4ia, using the weave program. As you can see up top, it's not a perfect square and I didn't like what happened when I put it on the bias.
this really is the official state tartan of California. I kid you not!
Here's where you can purchase the scarf on Cargoh*
I will add a product photo after I get my sample from Spoonflower
(and buy a machine to merrow the hem!)

*the print quality on the silk was not up to my standards. project in redesign phase

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