Sunday, February 4, 2018

My "Year of Colour" on Instagram

Here's a fun escape for you: your Year of Color by Makelight.
It evaluates all your Instagram images from 2017 and assigns color hierarchies to them.

There are various ways the circle of colored dots are arranged:
By saturation (red drip):
By brightness (orange sun):
By "favorite" (yellow dropper -- this you can click on a dot and arrange around that)
eyedropped on bright red:
By time (green chart):
As a rainbow (cyan brush):
By popularity (blue trophy):
The sliders on the left control size of dots (left bar -- right slide = less small dots)
and intensity of colors (right bar -- right slide = brighter)

Bigger, brighter dots, sorted by popularity

Give it a try, add to Instagram with #yearofcolour


  1. I got it to work for me through your link (thanks) and I am overwhelmingly beige. Pronounced "bayj" by the bra fitter at the department store. I am not shooting the messenger; your truck photos are significantly grey and I don't think of you as grey. Or gray.

    1. Yeah, the trucks and my outfit posing background (grey-green wall) brought in those colors.
      And yes, not much of a grey person!


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