Friday, April 13, 2012

One Thing Leads To Another...

My scarf print strike off from Spoonflower came in the mail Thurs. I opted for cotton voile thinking I could easily tear the fabric and just have raw edges. (Also got samples in the silk/cotton and cotton sateen to judge print quality and fabric hand). I was very pleased with the look and feel of the voile.

It's way past time that I get some show announcements printed. As I was beginning to work on my layout, I thought it'd be cool to have a QR code on the front image that would jump to the scarf in my Cargoh shop... So THEN, I needed to transform my yardage into a scarf. Easy, right?
"All I have to do is tear the edges, press it, and take some photos."

after tearing all edges -- note how off-grain the print looks/is
I'm going to have to merrow stitch the edges. Do I have a serger? Not 15 minutes ago, but one is on the way from Amazon. Meanwhile... still need to get those cards printed... Maybe I'll pretend the scarf is hemmed and stick it on Cargoh. Then again, thinking I'd rather market a scarf that's oblong... Which means I must order more yardage.... AAAARGH! My head hurts! Why didn't I decide these things months ago?


  1. Dangit I hate when fabrics don't tear nicely on grain! Let me know when it's up. I have a thing for scarves so might have to support a fellow designer ;) - Samar

    1. Samar, the fabric tore just fine -- it was PRINTED off grain. It IS up, I went ahead and made a photoshop prototype.
      Here's the link:

  2. Just found you when you mentioned a "watteau back" in your comment on Bag and a Beret. Anyone who knows that can teach me a sewing thing or two! I've heard of the silk but not the back (although I think I get it).

    When I got my serger 3 yrs ago, it changed my life. Enjoy!!!!

    Love, Jean

    1. Hi Jean,
      I dredged that out of the vast cavern of my memory from Fashion History, circa 1986. Might be a figment of my imagination! Sounds good, right?

      The serger arrived TWO days later - and I STILL haven't had a chance to use it. Next few days though -- gotta make my dress for my reception Saturday AND a bloggers' conference on Monday. Busy, busy, busy...

      Thanks for stopping by!


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