Friday, December 23, 2022

Red Velvet Cupcakes for a Spoonflower Design Challenge

Time to vote on my Red Velvet Spoonflower entry! CLICK HERE TO VOTE

Vote for as many or as few entries as you like by clicking on the preview images. For fairness, designs are presented in a random order for each person who votes. Your votes are submitted only after you reach the end of the voting pages and submit your votes. There are 1403 entries in this contest. (Yikes)

It's a LOT of entries to sift through, and 1/3 if not 1/2 of the entries did not follow the design brief:
For this official Pantone x Spoonflower Design Challenge, we invite you to create a design featuring Viva Magenta, a color which was selected to represent the bravery to break boundaries, fearless optimism, and Pantone’s pillars of Art + Design and Science + Tech. Use only Pantone’s Ignite palette below for this challenge, showcasing Viva Magenta as your dominant color, sparking energy within an otherwise soft palette. 

Pantone’s palette, Ignite:

18-1750 Viva Magenta, Hex: #BB2649 (your dominant color)
13-1404 Pale Dogwood, Hex: #EDCDC2
13-1010 Gray Sand, Hex: #E5CCAF
13-3804 Gray Lilac, Hex: #D4CACD
15-1216 Pale Khaki, Hex: #BFAF92
15-1115 Fields of Rye, Hex: #B7A990
15-6307 Agate Gray, Hex: #B3B1A1
13-4111 Plein Air, Hex: #BFCAD6

  • 12/02/2022: Submissions open
  • 12/20/2022: Submissions close at 3pm EST
  • 12/22/2022: Public voting opens
  • 01/03/2023: Public voting ends at 3pm EST
  • 01/05/2023: Spoonflower will announce the winner
I got 56 votes, the winner got 338

Thanks so much!

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