Sunday, May 31, 2009

something old

"Slashed #4" Lithograph, 15.5 x 21"

I scanned more old prints @ Otis yesterday (they have 11 x 17 scanners and I had to be there to teach). I encountered the old problem of too much data, not enough storage... forgot to take my iPod that has 8G of empty space - doh! So had to save some of the scans on the CPU there... hopefully, they'll be there next week...
(too lazy to drive over there and rescue them any sooner).

The scanning process -- sitting, waiting for the preview and the digitizing -- helped me focus on which old pieces I want to revisit and reuse. Because of the press release I wrote, I'm looking more at the ones that are about weaving. I think the above qualifies and I'm attracted to the marks and ink blotty bits. So this is today's image that I'll fool around with. Results will post in a while...

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