Friday, July 22, 2016

Spoonflower's Betabrand Challenge and Contest

See the plaid in the upper right? That's my entry for the Spoonflower's Betabrand contest.
Some of the prints that I voted for. Yes, I voted for myself! 
The design brief:
"Our Betabrand Double Take Design Challenge seeks designs that invite a second glance to add to their lineup of prints. We are looking for quirky new takes on classic patterns, designs that reveal more than meets the eye upon a second glance, an allover print that could be two things at once..."

A closer look:
Link to design
Winners are determined by popular vote and with 568 randomly displayed entries, it's a lot to slog through. I haven't figured out if there's any way to direct you to my entry. Sigh.

My source images, which I found in the kitchen:
Steamed rice in a saucepan
I edited the imagery in Photoshop, then built the repeat in Illustrator. 

Joining this challenge was part of an effort to do more personal design work. It's difficult to get inspired to do my own projects after spending four full work days creating repeats for the money job. Baby steps!

Adding this to Shelbee's On the Edge of the Week linkup. Maybe I'll generate more votes?

[7-28] The winners are here.


  1. There was voting. Never hurts to ask. The images for votes are always randomly presented, so it's just a matter of scrolling and wading. A very wiiiiiiiiiide interpretation of the prompt for this one.
    I always vote for my friends. Well, except for the guy who's running for a local post he's not remotely qualified for. That one, no.

  2. Yes, VERY wide. I was doing my voting on the sly at work and not sure how far I got. Maybe voted for about 25? The one that made me chortle out loud was "Ancient Text" (2nd top row).

  3. APOLOGIES for the multiple republishing of this post! Blogger was having a "moment".

  4. Oh no, it looks like voting closed just as I went there to vote! I am behind getting to my link ups. Gah. My apologies! I love your take on Asian Plaid. Very clever...well, and magnificent! Actually, quite a few made me chuckle...the tiger stripes and the wakey-wakey-eggs-and-bacy! Very fun. I do hope you win, Anne. Keep us posted, please! Thanks for linking up On the Edge of the Week. I hope to see you again this week!


  5. Ah, thanks for trying, Shelbee. It's a popularity contest and I don't have a following of rabid fans. The important part for me was the "doing it".


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